“MysteryQuest” on the History Channel

Atlantis— Alright, it won’t be MonsterQuest, but the new MysteryQuest may appeal to some of the same audience.  MysteryQuest is a new series that promises to dispatch teams of experts throughout the world to try to solve some of mankind’s strangest and most persistent mysteries.  Following the MonsterQuest formula, a science team will then conduct a forensic exam of the evidence gathered by the investigative teams using the latest technology.- -Sound a little familiar?

Promised are episodes on the Bermuda Triangle (…always a favorite!), the Zodiac serial killer, and Atlantis.  Kicking the series off is an installment on Hitler (- -alive and well and living in Argentina?).   Watch for it Wednesday nights on the History Channel.- – And yes, Foxsylvania may comment; we love drek like this!

I’m  hoping for an episode on the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! (It’s a Monty Python thing, BTW…)

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2 Comments on ““MysteryQuest” on the History Channel”

  1. carycomic Says:

    A more suitable mystery to solve would be why Kanye West thought Beyonce would be flattered by his public “dissing” of Taylor Swift.

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