Somewhere in Dreamland…

bigfoot— I had an unusually vivid dream last night about Bigfoot…In my dream, I went to the Post Office, and they had a juvenile female Bigfoot there in a back room, acting like it was nothing new and really no big deal to them; the postal workers went about sorting their mail.  The Bigfoot was not being held captive, but could apparently come and go as she wished to; she was about the size of a human teenager, and was completely covered with reddish-brown hair.  The Bigfoot was using a wheeled canvas mail carrier as sort of an impromptu chair.

I didn’t discern any menace from the Bigfoot; she was actually rather endearing, and seemed to be appealing to the postal workers for hugs at times, wanting physical touch; in spite of this, she conveyed obvious physical strength.   Most startling was the fact that the Bigfoot appeared to have limited use of language, coming out with simple single-word utterances that were usually outreach-type comments to the workers, or appeals for things that she wanted.  After a few seconds, I was hustled out of the room.

I was of course astonished, and asked the postal workers if they had reported the find.  They said that they had not, and that no good would come out of doing so.  I was admonished not to tell anyone of what I had seen, but told the workers that this was far too important a discovery to be kept secret.  Bursting from the Post Office, I was racing to alert authorities when, of course, I woke up…

…my heart was almost pounding out of my chest at that point, and it took me quite some time to calm myself.  I have since pondered the significance of this dream, wondering if it was a symbolic representation of my own wishes and desires, or whether:

A.)  The government knows more than it’s telling, or…

B.)  A major discovery on Bigfoot or another major cryptid is about to be made…

C.)  Bigfoot is messing with my mail, causing many of my magazines to arrive mutilated?

…In either case, I wish I could follow up on this dream!

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2 Comments on “Somewhere in Dreamland…”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    I pick “C,” as it’s the only rational explanation for the slowness of the mail in _my_ part of the Nutmeg State.

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