Taco Bell Chihuahua Dies!

taco-bell-240— Jeez,  you  can hardly turn around these days without another beloved celebrity passing away…and so once again we mourn the passing of one of the truly great furry ones, Gidget, the former Taco Bell chihuahua, who died of a stroke Tuesday night at the age of 15.

Yes, Gidget was really a female playing a male dog who was voiced by Argentine-American actor Carlos Alazraqui!  The commercials featuring the chihuahua haven’t aired in nine years, essentially killed by a rash of political correctness.  In their peak in the late 1990’s, the canine actress traveled by limo and went first-class in planes.  Following her retirement, Gidget is said to have lived “like a queen.”

The hugely-popular commercials which immortalized the phrase, “Yo quiero Taco Bell” drew the ire of Hispanic watchdog groups which claimed that it promoted stereotypes, and demanded that the commercials be taken off the air.  I, for one, never saw the chihuahua as being anything but hip and cool, an articulate and bright furry spokescanine that could be appreciated on a variety of levels.

In one late commercial of the series lampooning a variety of fast-food spokesmen, I’ll always remember the chihuahua driving up in a tank, and saying, “Hey, look what I found!”  Rest in peace, Gidget…you were among the best!

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2 Comments on “Taco Bell Chihuahua Dies!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    Adios, Gidget. R.I.P.


    I must admit that I was surprised by the gender-identity plot twist. Even more so than when I learned all the Lassies that ever appeared on TV and in the movies were _male_ collies!

    As to people getting too pc? Also correct. I remember watching this PBS documentary about a Puerto Rican family in Springfield, Massachusetts that successfully pressured the local high school to cancel making “West Side Story” its latest senior class play. Due to “inaccurate” portrayal of the the Hispanic-American ethnic type!

    Uhm! Hellooo? Anybody out there watch the “Gangland” series on History Channel? Every single episode shows a different ethnic type committing crimes! Yes, including my fellow W.A.S.P’s. And, most of the ones interviewed seem to _love_ the negative reinforcement they simultaneously give to their heritage, in the process.

    So, let’s none of us go too overboard with the political correctness when it comes to classical drama. I mean; where would it end? “Fiddler On The Roof” being anti-Semitic? “Kismet” defaming Muslims?

    Court of public opinion will now recess.

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