Evil Blooms…

talking-flowers–Being a twisted piece of work, I like the idea of verbal, insulting flowers, and there hasn’t been vegetation this bad since the 1962 movie, Day of the Triffids or the musical, Little Shop of Horrors. If you wish to see nasty flowers of a more recent vintage, check out the recent Teleflora commercial featuring blooms delivered in a box which rear up out of the same to insult and offend the recipient! The flowers (some tulips) move their pedals convincingly as they speak in deep male voices.  (Nice flowers, apparently, come in tasteful vases, not boxes!)

The evil flowers were first featured in a Super Bowl XLIII commercial when they brilliantly taunted their office recipient like Hannibal Lecter vegetation, telling her that she should “…get home to her romance novels and her fat, smelly cat!” A final barb flung by a bloom was that “…no one wanted to see (her) naked!”

Tragically, the flowers are forced down a disposal in the most recent commercial…but if someone ever sent me such evil, talking blooms, I would nurture and cherish them forever! – – Imagine your house surrounded by a garden of insulting, sentient flowers…you’d never suffer unwelcome visitors again!

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2 Comments on “Evil Blooms…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Fog Leghorn: “Tulips? Don’t you get it, boy? TWO…LIPS! I say–I say you missed, it son.”

    • firefox b Says:

      I loved Foghorn Leghorn, but he’s probably been judged politically incorrect, just like Speedy Gonzalez…

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