Depression-Creativity Link?

depressed–Depression strikes writers, artists, and musicians up to ten times as often as the general population, a tendency often attributed to the creative spark.  But according to one study (Paul Verhaegher, Syraccuse U.), it’s the artist’s propensity for rumination that often leads to the blues, not creativity itself.

Self-reflection seems to breed both depression and creative behavior…

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2 Comments on “Depression-Creativity Link?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Is that why St. Bernards are so often depicted, in old cartoons, as getting drunk on their own brandy? And, then, singing “How Dry I Am?”

    • firefox b Says:

      Remember when drunks were considered “funny,” and were stock characters on sitcoms? That’s one tradition I’m glad to see us moving away from!

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