animal-transformations–Transformation or “TF” for short, is something near and dear to many of us furries, something devoutly to be wished. It’s often a synonym for metamorphosis and shapeshifting, and can be physical, mental, or some kind of weird “other” state. Physical transformation is the act of modifying one’s body to resemble one’s fursona. Very simple forms of physical transformation are currently available through plastic surgery, such as giving someone a forked tongue, horns or muzzles grown with coral implants, the ears stretched out, or even the throat modified to produce purring sounds.  These changes are expensive, artificial, and sometimes require anti-rejection drugs.

Most furs who desire physical transformation see current technological methods as insufficient, and look to future technologies involving genetic engineering, stem cell organ growth, and chimerazation.  Through genetic engineering, a combination of the individual’s DNA and that of the desired animal traits could be generated in the lab.  Core organs such as brain, heart, kidneys, etc. would never have to change, while external organs such as claws, skin, tails, etc. could be grown, with the new amalgamated DNA introduced to the subject as a new native DNA sequence.

Don’t plan on getting your new tail any time soon, though.  Even were the technology developed and approved for use on humans, the estimated cost of a transformation per individual could run as high as twenty million dollars…damn!

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